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Welcome to Buy Hotels Costa Rica

Welcome, it is a pleasure to introduce myself, Joshua Wittman, as a buyers agent in Costa Rica. I created Buy Hotels for specific clients, in particular, investors looking for opportunities in Costa Rica. I offer residential real estate services through my Make Costa Rica Home brand, and share a wide variety of information through my website, especially for first-time buyers in Costa Rica. If you have been searching for investment opportunities here, you've come to the right place, but if you aren't familiar with the area, you may also want to explore my pages at Make Costa Rica Home, specifically the section I call the Information Hub and/or Blogs.

Buy Hotels Costa Rica is an important addition to my services, small large, and small investors require a well-organized, individually tailored, and specialized team who can provide superior and more nuanced services than most agents in the country currently offer. Costa Rica has a unique market with its own regional, social, and economic strengths and challenges, therefore working as an agent by region or with dual agency, did little service to my clients. I felt limited working the way most agents in the country do, confined by region, unable to take my clients full circle, to show and analyze all opportunities within the country. I, therefore, left the large real estate brokerages and brands to fill the role of a buyers agent and became an agent well-versed in commercial real estate and investments. Working regionally may make sense for an area such as Miami or as a residential real estate agent, however, in Costa Rica, there may only be one or two investment opportunities per region and investors here tend not to be interested in a specific area but willing to explore several hotspots and markets. I discovered quickly, that when I approached listing agents who listed everything from small one-room condos, to land development sites and hotel projects in one area, they could not provide me with the information my clients needed and could not properly assess the value of the commercial assets they were selling. So with this information gap, Buy Hotels Costa Rica was created. I now work with a team of experts who can take my clients to all provinces, properly analyze markets, professionally inspect structures, offer in-depth appraisals, complete diligence, and fulfill legal responsibilities, without bias.

In the coming blogs, you'll hear more about Costa Rican markets, business trends, new-found opportunities, exciting investment opportunities, and much more. Please contact me for consulting, inspection, appraisals, legal, and more. I look forward to working with you.


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